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Key aspects to consider when hiring an industrial property lawyer

Key aspects to consider when hiring an industrial property lawyer for your company

Experience and specialization

It is important that the lawyer The person you hire has experience in industrial property matters and is specialized in this area of law. You must know the applicable laws and regulations, as well as have a proven track record of successful cases in this field.

Reputation and references

Before hiring a industrial property lawyer, it is advisable to investigate their reputation and ask for references from other clients. A strong reputation and positive recommendations are indicators of the quality of service you can expect to receive.

Costs and fees

It is important to discuss the costs and fees associated with the attorney's services before hiring him or her. Make sure you understand how much they will charge you for their services and if there are any additional costs you should be aware of.

Communication and availability

It is essential that the attorney you choose is accessible and willing to communicate with you effectively. Clear and consistent communication is key to a successful relationship with your intellectual property attorney.

Confidentiality and professional ethics

It is important that the attorney you hire respects the confidentiality of information related to your business and your legal matters. Additionally, you must act with professional ethics at all times and follow the ethical and legal standards applicable to your practice.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between a patent and a trademark?

A patent protects a unique invention or process, while a trademark protects a distinctive sign that identifies products or services on the market.

How long does patent or trademark protection last?

Patent protection can last up to 20 years, while trademark protection can be renewed indefinitely as long as legal requirements are met.

What should I do if I discover that someone is using my trademark without authorization?

You should consult an intellectual property attorney for advice on legal actions you can take to protect your intellectual property rights.

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