Responsibilities and functions of the commercial lawyer

Responsibilities and functions of the commercial lawyer in the business field


The commercial lawyer is a professional specialized in the legal field of companies. Its main function is to advise companies on legal issues related to their commercial activity. Below are some of the responsibilities and functions that a commercial lawyer has in the business field.

Legal advice

One of the main responsibilities of the commercial lawyer is to provide legal advice to companies on all aspects related to their commercial activity. This includes drafting and reviewing contracts, resolving commercial disputes, legal representation in litigation, among others.

Normative compliance

The commercial lawyer is also responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all legal regulations in force in its activity. This involves being aware of any changes in legislation and advising the company on how to adapt to these changes to avoid possible legal sanctions.

Protection of intellectual property

Another important role of the business lawyer is to protect the company's intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights. This includes recording and defending these intangible assets to prevent unauthorized use by third parties.

Conflict resolution

In the event that commercial conflicts arise, the commercial lawyer is responsible for resolving them in the most beneficial way for the company. This may involve negotiations with other parties, mediation or legal representation in court proceedings.


In short, the commercial lawyer plays a fundamental role in the business field, ensuring that the company operates within the legal framework and protecting its interests in the event of commercial disputes. Their advice is essential for the proper functioning and growth of any company.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between a commercial lawyer and a corporate lawyer?

Although both types of lawyers specialize in business matters, the commercial lawyer usually focuses more on aspects related to the company's commercial activity, such as commercial contracts, intellectual property and regulatory compliance, while the corporate lawyer focuses on internal issues of the company. company, such as the corporate structure and labor relations.

How can I find a good business lawyer for my company?

It is advisable to seek references from other businessmen or consult with colleagues in the sector to find a commercial lawyer with experience and a solid reputation. It is also important to verify that the lawyer has knowledge of the sector in which your company operates and is aware of the specific regulations that apply to it.